License Agreement

I, an applicant for subsidies to innovative teaching provide by I-Shou University (hereinafter referred to as “ISU”), hereby agree to license my achievements in innovative teaching to ISU. I further agree and warrant the following:

1.I license ISU to display my achievements in innovative teaching gained with the help of the above-mentioned subsidies.


2.All the teaching materials licensed herein are created by me myself.


3.I have full power and authority to sign and execute this agreement, and I have obtained all necessary third-party consent and authorization for signing this agreement.


4.All the teaching materials licensed herein do not get involved in any infringement of a third party’s copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, intellectual property rights or any other rights.


5.Should I violate any terms and conditions stated herein, I shall be held legally accountable, and ISU reserves the right to ask me to return the subsidies in full. I shall compensate ISU for any loss or damage resulting from any teaching material licensed herein or the content of this agreement for which I am to blame.



I Agree

I Disagree